"I have been going to Nicole for my hair extensions for several years now. She is amazing! She knows how to transform your hair into just about anything you can imagine! She is quick and efficient paying close attention to being meticulous in her work. I would recommend her for not only extensions but all your hair needs! She has gift at paying attention to more than just your hair needs."


Gwen Procknow

"I really like Nicole's approach because she understands how important hair really is to spiritual wellbeing and happiness. She is conscious about working in your crown chakra and she smudges the extensions with sage before she puts them in, and will even imbue them with intention while making a custom set!!! How cool is that?! I am so glad I went to her for my dread extensions. She's creative, dedicated and meticulous about her work, and you can tell that doing hair - and doing it really well - is her true passion. She's super sweet and fun to be around, too, which is a big perk when you're in the chair for many hours.


Becky Lerner


"Nicole has been doing hair extensions for me for the last few years. I had never done much with my hair and tried it as a lark and have been hooked ever since. My hair is thin and dry and therefore fragile and I had never considered extensions since they are usually applied with glue or metal clips. But Nicole is very skilled with hand tied extensions ("pinch braid"). It gives my hair a boost of color, thickness and length that makes all the difference. She can make it dramatic or subtle. She's super creative and caring and always helps create a look that suits my mood."


Nancy Williams

"Thank you Nicole Bacon for making my hare care treatments so effing BLISSFULL!

You are the women! I'm super excited about what we're working on... The epic hair makeover has begun. Big change! If you are looking for a super high frequency, environmentally conscious hair-stylist -

Miz Bacon is your lady. Who ever thought that hair energetics would be so important? I mean I thought about it, but she freaking trademarked that shit."

Tiare Tashnick